Club Repeaters and Frequencies

Club Repeater Name                         Frequency         Off Set            CTCSS

SPARC 2M W2HRW                            146.985                  -                   146.2

SPARC 70CM W2HRW                       443.250                 +                   146.2

Sparc985 is proud to announce that we now have Yaesu System Fusion
on both 2M and 70CM repeaters.  If you have a
System Fusion radio, Stop by and give it a try.


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SPARC  985
The SPARC Club Nets are held @ 8pm on the following nights ---- Wednesday Night on 146.985 MHz (-) pl 146.2 ---- Friday Night Simplex Net on 146.560 Mhz ---- Sunday Night on 443.250 Mhz (+) pl 146.2 ..

Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month @ 7:30 PM, at Brigantine Beach Community Center 265 42nd Street South Brigantine, New Jersey 08203