SPARC  985
Dear SPARC Members and Friends,
   Gary Paul K2ACY and David Holmes KD2AYQ attended the Brigantine City Council meeting and had the honor of being presented a Mayoral Proclamation by Brigantine Mayor Philip P. Guenther, on behalf of SPARC, in recognition of Amateur Radio, the ARRL Field Day and SPARC's participation in both.

I have attached a picture that they would like to share with you.

This proclamation is in recognition of what the club has done,
will do and is prepared to do.
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The SPARC Club Nets are held @ 8pm on the following nights ---- Wednesday Night on 146.985 MHz (-) pl 146.2 ---- Friday Night Simplex Net on 146.560 Mhz ---- Sunday Night on 443.250 Mhz (+) pl 146.2 ..

Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month @ 7:30 PM, at Brigantine Beach Community Center 265 42nd Street South Brigantine, New Jersey 08203