Q: Why Am I seeing this page?
A: We are either updating the website or we are experiencing problems and we are working on a fix.

We are currently trying to setup the following pages in the website:

Membership / club dues - So that everyone can pay for their membership, in the event
that you cannot make it to one of our meetings.

Donations - If you want to donate to us. These monies will be used for site, repeater maintenance.

Chat - Currently trying to find a site that will host this for us.

These pages should be fully operational soon.

Check back often.

Thank you,
Sparc985 Team

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SPARC  985
Club Dues / Donations/ Chat
***** Friday Night Sparc Simplex Net on 146.560 Mhz @ 8:00 PM @ 8:00 PM *** Next Club Meeting on Thursday December 20, 2018 @ 7:30 PM, at BBCC.