The prize for this contest will be a Yaesu FT-70DR (or equivalent), a dual
band, UHF/VHF FUSION Handheld Transceiver.

The Shore Points Amateur Radio Club is supplying the prize.

Each participant in the contest will be eligible to win this prize.

The prize for this contest will awarded by a drawing that will commence at
8:00 PM on June 20, 2019 at our regularly scheduled club meeting.

Chances for the drawing will be earned by checking into the SPARC
Wednesday night nets and attending SPARC regular monthly meetings.

One chance will be earned by each participant who checks in with their
personal call sign for each net they check in on, starting with the net on March
6, 2019. This will continue for each Wednesday night net, up to and including
the net on June 19, 2019. In the event that the repeater on 146.985 MHz goes
off the air, the net (or nets) will be continued on the SPARC repeater on
443.250 MHz. Two chances will be awarded to each participant for each
regularly scheduled SPARC monthly meeting that they attend during this time.

This will be a total of 16 nets and three SPARC monthly meetings over the
course of these 16 weeks, allowing each participant the opportunity to
accumulate as many as, and a maximum of, 22 chances in the drawing.

A minimum of six chances will have to be earned in order to be included in the
drawing. This means that you can 1) check into six nets, 2) check into four nets
and attend one meeting, 3) check into two nets and attend two meetings or 4)
attend three meetings, during this time and qualify to win the radio.

Attendance at our meeting the night of the drawing is encouraged, but will not
be required to win the prize in this contest.

The winner of the drawing for the prize will immediately be announced on the
club repeater on 146.985 MHz. In the event that the winner of the drawing is
not in attendance at the meeting, he or she will have two minutes (that is 120
seconds) to respond on this frequency in order to claim their prize. If the
winner does not respond in that time, another drawing will immediately be held
from the remaining chances. This will continue until a winner is present or
claims their prize on the air within two minutes of it being announced.

Once the drawing is complete, the winner will be presented their prize by a
club officer. If the winner is not present, arrangements will be made for the
prize to be presented to the winner by a club officer at a time and place of
mutual convenience..
Shore Points Amateur Radio Club 2019 Radio Giveaway Contest
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